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  • Turkey Is Starving the Rojava Revolution

    , par Anna Rebrii, Jihan Ayo (Jacobin)

    “We spend most of our waking life on trying to meet our basic needs,” said K. as we sat in the dark in her yard one hot August night. Households in Qamişlo — one of the largest Kurdish-majority cities in the de facto autonomous North East Syria (NES), commonly known by its Kurdish name Rojava (...)
  • Nawaat – As youth flock to Europe, a village in Djerba fades away

    , par Teycir Ben Naser (Nawaat)

    As Serbia expulses dozens of Tunisians from Belgrade, thousands of others are making their way towards Europe along the Balkan route. « I can count on one hand the number of them who are still here », says a sixty-something-year-old resident of a small village in the center of Djerba. (...)
  • Far-Right “Landlordism” Wants to Dispossess Entire Populations

    , par Daniel Kressel (Jacobin)

    In forty-eight hours, the world saw the electoral defeat of one right-wing leader and the triumphant return of another. While Jair Bolsonaro did not acknowledge that he had lost the October 30 Brazilian presidential runoff, he does now seem to have been forced to give up his claim to power. (...)
  • Thousands of votes won’t count this year over minor absentee ballot errors

    , par Kimberly Cataudella (Center for Public Integrity)

    Thousands of Americans will lose their right to vote in this year’s midterm elections over mistakes like forgetting a signature or putting down the wrong date on paperwork for mail voting. Most states don’t offer voters an opportunity to correct — or “cure” — absentee ballots after submission. And a (...)
  • The Remote Control Killers Behind Russia’s Cruise Missile Strikes on Ukraine

    , par Christo Grozev (Bellingcat)

    In the early hours of Monday, 10 October 2022, Russia pummelled Ukraine’s largest cities with missiles killing at least 20 people and wounding more than 100, according to Ukraine’s national emergency service. Russia has boasted about the surgical precision of its cruise missiles and claimed the (...)



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